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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

In light of recent events, we have reopened our current call for Issue 8: Power And for one week starting June 22nd and ending June 30th at midnight

The Seventh Wave has always been about breaking down the barriers between what we observe, what we think, and what we create. As such, we want to keep our fingers on the pulse of the every day, seeing where the fissures and pressure points lie in the realm of public discourse. This to say that in response to the heightened humanitarian crises that have seized our world, we're opting to re-open our call for submissions for our eighth issue, "Power And," to create a space for thoughts, opinions, outrage, and analysis. Send us your writing, art, and all modes of creative expression. We're here. We're listening. 

The Seventh Wave is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts and literary organization dedicated to creating online and offline spaces for conversation to flourish. At The Seventh Wave, we are interested in unique perspectives, distinctive voices, and novel takes on our current issue, and are committed to being as inclusive as possible. As such, we do not tolerate racist, sexist, homophobic, or xenophobic content.


We are committed to paying our contributors. While it can vary by submission, generally speaking, we typically offer $50 for prose, film, plays, and multiple poems / pieces of artwork, but only $25 for individual poems / images.


Please include a short third-person bio, listing previous publications and work, as well as 1-2 sentences about how your piece relates to our current topic. Additionally, please title your work according to the convention: “AuthorLastName_Title” and select which genre most closely describes your piece.


The Seventh Wave will acquire First Rights (Non-Exclusive Electronic) upon publication, meaning that we will be the first place on the Internet where the piece is displayed. To reiterate: no previously published pieces (we consider blog postings previous publication) will be accepted. All rights will revert to the author 45 days after publication.

ISSUE 8 CALL: Power And

When we examine power — internal or interpersonal — we must first look at the conditions that allowed it to exist in the first place, so that we may better understand the narrative arc that brought it to rest on that particular person, nation, company, or concept. Whether it’s our constant struggle to reassert agency over our digital lives or youth around the globe taking action when adults have not, power is an ever-shifting, always pulsating life force that informs how we exist in the world. Power shifts. It is imbalance; the imagination of fear stacked against a perception of hope. Power is a prism through which we can view an array of social issues, be it power and politics, power and gender, power and youth, power and privacy, power and abuse, or power and privilege.

For this issue, we’re interested in the application of power. The kind of power that dominates conversation even when it is not named outright. Political, electric, or interpersonal, we invite you to dissect the vortex of power, and the conditions we create as well as criticize. Who holds power in our spheres of influence and why? Can we control power, both in others and within ourselves? What are the implications of a shift in the power structures we have grown accustomed to? How do we learn from the abuse of power? When we lose power, can we regain it? And is there a power that is ever responsible?

The Seventh Wave